2021 Scholarship Application

Click on the above link for the 2021 student application form in pdf format

                2020 BAJ Scholarship Award Winners 

This year, due to the COVID-19 virus situation, we could not hold a banquet for the students/parents. However we did select 11 students for the $1500 award.

One major function of the BAJ’s has been the annual awarding of Jerry Molosky scholarships. The pancake breakfast fund raiser is held each October to raise money for Bloomington Jefferson and Kennedy high school seniors that participate in athletics. A committee selects the top qualified seniors from the many applicants submitted. A $1500 scholarship award, along with a plaque, is given to each winner from the funds made at the pancake breakfast. We typically award around 10 to 12 scholarships annually. Students and their parents are invited to attend a sit-down banquet in their honor at the Bloomington Event Center.
 In the last 31 years, we have given over $250,000 to the students to help defray the cost of higher education. A letter of acceptance by the school of their choice must be sent to our chairman before the money is awarded.
      Members of the present scholarship committee are:
Chairman Bob Swanson, Jerry Narragon, Roger Koland, John Crary, Gerry VandeGarde and the 2 high school activity directors: Chad Nyberg and Jon Anderson.
For more information contact: Bob Swanson at 952-884-6532